Southeastern Elevator Consulting, LLC

Specializes in consulting on the development, integration, and operation of simple to complex vertical transportation systems. We serve the needs of property managers, owners, developers, as well as architects and design professionals.

Southeastern Elevator Consulting

When do you need an Elevator Consultant?


  • You are considering upgrading your elevator systems.
  • You are not sure that you are getting proper elevator maintenance.
  • You are considering changing elevator maintenance companies.
  • You are getting conflicting information on mandated upgrades.
  • You are considering purchasing a building with elevators.

How we work

From proposal to culmination.

Who we are

Southeastern Elevator Consulting, LLC (SEC) is an elevator and escalator consulting firm that serves the needs of owners, developers and managers as well as architects and design professionals.

Recent Posts

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    The frequent mishaps that resulted because of the unsecured doors – people falling into the shaft or being struck and killed by an arriving elevator – made the coordination of the shaft doors with the elevator cab an urgent necessity, so that they could open only when the cab had …Read More »
  • Another Worry

    By the 1880’s, the concern about a cab falling after a cable break was subsiding. Statistics by this time demonstrated that travel in an elevator was many times safer than travel by horizontal means of transportation and that even using a stairway carried a greater risk for pedestrians. The focus …Read More »
  • Elevators and Mining

    In the early years of the elevator, there was an acute sensitivity to potential accidents. The fear of a cable breaking and the cab plunging to the ground is connected to another field in which the dangers of vertical transport had long been known, namely, mining. Beginning in the late …Read More »